Alas, I’m moving, so no new main comic for a while. And since I cannot predict the workload I’ll encounter come September, I’ll also forgo announcing an update schedule lest I abandon it in two months. Let’s keep saying: weeklyish. I should be able to get another comic done before the end of August.

But I love doing extras! I never wanted Check,Please! to be a slice-of-life webcomic because it’s got a lot of plot and character development to dig into, but the extras are a cool way of doing a slice-of-life story with a sitcom-y feel alongside a more plotty story. Uh, and then there’s “Hockey Shit with Ransom & Holster”.

SO YES. You guys are asking AMAZING questions. Keep them coming. Apologies in advance if I do not end up answering an ask that you submit—they’re all super thought-provoking. (ETA: I can’t answer all of them because at the current moment…there’s more than I physically have time to answer. My fault for doing drawn responses!)

And it’s totally fine to send over a note just to say you like Shitty’s mustache. It’s really fine.


Notes on Comic 7:
– All hockey equipment experts should feel free to suggest a stick for Bitty to use. He may be using the same stick as Kris LeTang right now? IDEK? Whatevs, it’s easy to draw.
The WikiHow on kegstands is the best ever written, everyone else go home.
ETA: the term “kegster” was completely invented by Wellies, probably single-handedly by Shitty. No one in real life refers to kegs stands in such a way. But if you say it at a party, you might become The Coolest Person at The Party.
– This comic features Proud Hockey Parents with Ransom and Holster. “Holtzy, our little frog is doing his first kegster BRO THEY GROW UP SO FAST EH?.”

In other other news, Holster wears glasses.


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