Hand Stuff, Submissions!

I posted about this on my personal blog, but I’ve got Hand Stuff going on. Seriously though, no sadness is allowed. I hope you like text-responses to asks though.


Hey look! There’s a place where you can submit posts for the blog. How convenient! Fanart is very much appreciated, but any type of fanwork is pretty likely to get posted. I’m patiently waiting for the multi-chapter Jack/Bitty fic that contains the line “he gingerly grabbed his twig”. Haha, jk, I’m not waiting for it because I’ve already written it. Haha, jk, I will continue to be frustratingly vague about whether or not or how that’ll happen. Haha, jk, I’m going to be vague about everything no one likes spoilers.

General Guidelines: (a) PG-13ish rating (swearing and alcohol abuse fine). (b) No dicks.


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