omg he got the mullet bitty got the mullet and holster looks like he wants to be an extra in the new thor movie and jack despite his apparently quite high testosterone cant grow a beard you are amazing


Yeah, man, I still can’t decide whether Bitty would be excited about the mullet? In a “yay let’s do stuff to my hair this reminds me of skating competition mornings in the dressing room” way? Or if he absolutely hates it in a “I have three cousins on my mother’s side with mullets. They live in a place called Buttermilk, Georgia and none of them have more teeth than they have fingers”…way.

Holster clearly hates his beard but then again his default expression is a slightly annoyed indifference, so who knows. Maybe he’s just pissed because Ransom probably puts crap in it while he’s sleeping.

And I’m sure Jack’s lack of beardage is something that keeps him up at night. “Why can’t I grow a beard I’m 23 my father could grow a beard when he was 23 My father won a Stanley Cup when he was 23. I am a failure.” Whomp whooomp.

These are things I think about.


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