Comic 9: Family Weekend


I’m still aiming for weeklyish, even though the period between the last two main updates was “monthlyish”. A-hue-hue… Excuses include previously mentioned hand stuff and school, etc. When I’m not drawing CP! I’m crying tears on my crow quill-inked homework pages. Haha. Tears.

I’ll still try to fill as many asks as I can in between main comics. So while I’m not sure when the next comic will go up, this comic is NOT on hiatus. Like NO. I walk around thinking about the movies Holster has in his Blueray/DVD/VHS collection TOO MUCH for that to happen.

Comic 9

Comic 9 was loads of fun because (1) Suzanne Bittle (2) FABER.

[Panels 3, 5, and 6 without text and foreground. Panel 3 is a view of Faber’s south side, and panel 6 has the camera sitting on its east side facing south.]

Look—Can’t you see the hanging lights and banners reflected in the blackened windows at night, just before the puck drops? Can’t you imagine the crowd of Samwell students and townies, filling those old wood benches and chanting after one of the Boys gets in a little wrist shot? Can’t you hear the Samwell Band revving up with the school song just as the red light and buzzer go off and another point pings up on the scoreboard for the home team?? GODDAMMIT if you’re in college right now. If you have access to hockey in any way. Go. To. A game. Let me live vicariously through you! GAH. SCAD has no hockey team all I have is Faber.

Also Faber is a weird rink in that I’m about 60% finished designing it—things keep changing. The number of benches what??. Oh, now there’s a jumbotron, okay? Maybe there’s balcony seating, what maybe whatever. One day I’ll post all of my completely clueless architectural sketches. I literally just wanted a rink with 30-foot high windows and then I realized I had to design the rest of it.

Mama Bittle

Whaaaat there are other characters besides the Boys and the coaches and the occasional philosophical goalie whaaaat? (So many more characters. Just. LARDO.) I wanted to introduce her character for the next sequence of comics which will take several weeks to draw, but takes place over a period of one day. We’re gonna get to see a game! FINALLY.

And hoorah for female characters! (*Halfway to passing Bechdel Test I’m so sorry Shitty I’m failing it wicked hard I know.*)


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