I am hella alarmed because it is becoming increasingly more apparent that Ransom and I are the same person. Except I’m a white girl who can barely ice skate. I love this comic. I would buy a book of it. I would tattoo this comic on my face backwards so I could read it in the mirror. I love your stories but literally you could do 5 years of *~*random college hockey dude shit*~* updates and I’d be overjoyed. I’m glad your hand feels better. OMG!!!!!!!

HAHAHA. I think you should go with the tattoo option because I mean, right there, great conversation for aaaaany party. One must be practical about these things.

Also, it’s okay, I can’t skate either. ¿¿¿Irony???

I hope to do at least TWO years of *~*random college hockey dude shit*~*, but honestly I’m going to cry when Jack and Shitty graduate. I don’t think I’ll be able to go on after that. I mean, I’m thinking of Bitty literally weeping May of 2015 and that’s making me tear up OH GOD.

Must pack as much random shit into this comic until then holy crap.


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