So today at the school library, instead of doing homework or studying as we should be my friend was drawing random things and as per I requested she doodle a few things. She decided to draw Bitty on her own, but then I asked her to draw Ransom hanging upside down then it turned into him falling off the bunk bed while Holster was sleeping. Then I asked her to draw Jack and Shitty too, and she did. We both love your comic a lot!!!! (I took a photo of it with my cell phone camera, that’s why its weirdly darkish grey)

– – –

omgcheckplease: zooomg look at the adorable little sketches! Jack is just SO INCREDIBLY UNAMUSED. He’s definitely saying “thanks, Shits, I love it,” and Shitty’s like, “bro come on you can like…put some fucking Gatorade or some shit in there. Coconut water…I tried.” Ransom, no, you can’t ask Holster to help you back into bed—you’re a varsity athlete for goodness sake, you’re supposed to be coordinated. Holster, you’re just a grumpy old man, and you chose this life—you could’ve been with normal guys on the heavyweight crew team. And Bitty, you sweet summer child, you can’t roam around the Haus or the locker room with delicious baked treats you’re completely ruining their bro facade.


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