okay so i have a bit of gushing and adoration, followed by a question. first, the adoration: this blog is probably one of the best things to ever happen to me, and sometimes i wish samwell was real and i went there and i was best friends with all these stupid and wonderful hockey players. now the question: true or not true that faber’s name is a nod to animal house? because god knows i see the parallels everywhere and can’t imagine its just a coincidence

I haven’t seen Animal House! I know, right? Kind of a fail.

But with regards to Faber, I have now forgotten when and how I decided to give the rink that name, which is strange, since I usually keep track of my inspirations for character and place names. (For example, though I mostly refer to Bitty as “Bitty” now, he was just a character named Eric Bittle until I started the comic. I spent maybe 2 hours trying to find the perfect Yoruba last name for Ransom whose last name was originally just going to be “Rans”. And the Haus is a nod The Shakespeare Society at Wellesley, which refers to its cottage the Haus.)

I wish Samwell were real too, man. I drew out a map of it and may or may not have already designed the college’s seal. The Samwell University motto? “Penitus potes de fonte sapientiae “or “Drink deeply from knowledge’s well”.  For over a century, Wellies often shout an abbreviated version of the motto—”Drink deeply!”—as a reminder to themselves and others to drink and be merry, especially during the period before exams. This is much to the chagrin of the administration and there is still debate over changing the school’s slogan.


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