Comic 10: Samwell vs. Yale Part 1

French Stuff

Thanks to nesqln, maggle, and keitochan for at some point agreeing to help me with Monreal French, which is apparently crazy-different from regular French, which is already hard, which I don’t even speak anyway. Thanks for letting a random person on the Internet solicit you for your bilingualism!

If you’re wondering what Jack was saying in panels 1 and 2:

Ca va. Ouais, ca va. Euh, un peu… Non non non—
’m fine. Yeah, I’m fine. I mean, A little… No, no, no—

…Non, j’veux que tu viennes Papa, je te jure. Tu sais que mon anxiété va être un problème peu importe. C’est pas toi! Papa – désole. Ouais, désole. D’accord…Je doit rentrer. Bye. Merci.
…No, I want you to come, Dad, I swear. You know my anxiety’s going to be a problem either way, so it doesn’t matter. It’s not you! Dad—. Okay. Fine. I should get back inside anyway…Bye. Thanks.

Ugh, how incredibly dramatic. Blame any typos on me.




They actually play hockey in the next comic. I promise.


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