Ages & Timelines

tarastarr1 replied to your post “What grades are the guys in? I would hope none of them are graduating soon..”

Can I ask why the age distribution? Did some of the guys not go right to college after high school?

Great question!! A lot of guys who want to play hockey professionally usually join junior leagues after graduating from high school or while they’re in their final years of high school. Holster was in the USHL for a bit before enrolling in Samwell, while Jack played in the QMJHL before taking some time off and then enrolling. The rest of boys just enrolled in Samwell right after high school. (So yeah, Holster’s older than Shitty!)

BUT if anyone’s interested in Jack’s life and why he’s literally a grumpy old man playing with youngins, here’s a timeline:

5-12: Hockey wunderkind
12-15: Minor hockey league wunderkind
16-18: QMJHL, beginnings of alcohol and substance abuse.
18: Yay, let’s get drafted to the NHL! Lol jk, you’re a fucking mess!!!
18: Yeah how about you take a year or two off and go to rehab.
18: Go coach a mites team or something.
18: And try to deal with your daddy issues.
21: Enrolls in Samwell.

In Comic 6, I never explained all of this as precisely, but that’s the gist of it. Jack was on a fast track to being the next poster boy for the NHL but his life got derailed and now he’s at Samwell trying to redeem himself.

Will he??? *shrug*!!


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