Samwell University Campus Map

intellectual-carrot replied to your post: Comic 13: The Closet Story (Part 1)

I just want to tell you how much I love your backgrounds – they are so interesting and full, the time you take on them is really evident (and appreciated)

– – –

Thank you!! I’ve said it before, but I like the idea of places as characters, so environments are a big part of storytelling for me.

When it comes to places that characters inhabit often, defining a place helps us believe that characters have attachment to that place. Like imagine Ransom and Holster looking up at Faber’s windows at their final home game. Or Shitty graduating, walking out the Haus for the last time, and giving up his Haus key to some loser sophomore. Or in a less horribly nostalgic vein, if there were ever another scene where Jack and Bitty are having a Heart-to-Heart at the loading docks behind Faber, we as the audience—as well as Jack and Bitty—go into it with a ton of associations because of what we’ve seen happen there before. If we create places and define them, they can become abstract concepts that have equal impact on both the reader and the characters! Isn’t that neat? (I can go on about this for a while. I mean, Finn and Jake’s tree house is a great example of this, as well as Central Perk from Friends. (The Great Hall of Hogwarts—the list goes on.))

But an environment also includes the time of day, year, weather, and mood—all aspects which I’m working hard to better convey. And that’s already on top of working on perspective, level of detail, line quality, creating scale, *takes breath* LIGHT, COLOR SCHEMES, COMPOSITION, VALUE and ART IN GENERAL. That’s why I’m in school. OTL

So though I love drawing characters, floating heads, and writing witty Shitticisms, I could draw backgrounds all day. But if CP! turned into just pictures of the Haus in different decades I think people might get a little angry. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (Wouldn’t you want to see it back when it was the Theta Alpha Theta sorority house?)

TL;DR – I think about backgrounds just as much as I think about…IDK, Jack’s Rich White Boy Angst or whatever the hell this story’s about.


ETA: This is just central campus. There’s more north that’s not shown. (Mostly because I don’t know what’s up there. Dragons? idgaf.)

Yooooooo y’all didn even kno i was a LEGIT crazy person thooo lol


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