Re: Updates

El Good News: I’m back at SCAD for another quarter of comic drawin’ and quality instruction to develop my skills-of-an-artist! Consummate v’s!!

El News Less Bueno: It’s going to be hard for me to update as much as I did over break. I have no idea how I did 4 main comics with random illustrations in 1 month???

So there are two options: (a) You sit tight and don’t unfollow me and restrain yourself from sending me hate mail because I haven’t updated. Actually, maybe send me a little hate mail. I like to stay in touch.

(b) I can update everyday, but the comic has to look like this:

But seriously, everyone. Thanks for reading!!

My friend Spencer: Holster has no arms. How would Jack know he has a question?
Me: Because shutup.


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