So, does Shitty by any chance have a much-more-talented older sister who plays for Team USA?

Knight Siblings AU. That one time Hilary Knight went to visit her little brother at Samwell and spent the entire time getting dragged around the Haus with Shitty introducing her to everyone:

“Oh, shit, Hils, this is Ransom and Holster, the best defensive duo in the ECAC; Rans, Holtzy—this is my sister and Olympic medalist and internationally ranked hockey player, Hils. (She has two medals.) (Two.) Oh, oh, and this is Bitty! HEY. Bitty! Fucking come and say hi to my sister, Hilary! (You’ll love, Bitty, he’s the tits, he like, generates pies as a byproduct of his fucking existence; ‘swawesomest shit in the—) Bits, did I tell you about my sister?! She was at this year’s Winter Olympics? Like, Sochi? And we watched all her games? She was also at the last one. You know. On the US National hockey team. (She’s a two-time Olympic medalist.) Jack! Yo! You remember my sister, don’t you? She only brought one Olympic medal with her, but she could have brought another. Because she has two.”


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