Ransom & Holster #4 – Hockey Butt

Who Dat Booty??! …it’s Jack Zimmermann!!

Notes on Hockey Shit with Ransom & Holster #4

1. In their quest to be the Internet’s #1 Hockey Educators, Ransom and Holster sat down and drafted a script on Canada’s best kept secret: hockey butts. Along with asses, they’ve covered flow, chirping, and nicknames. What should they do next??? (Post-goal hugs, probably.)
2. Drunk Canadian Scientists. Jean-Claude and Nick spend 75% of their time getting schwasted, 20% actually working, and 5% excessively saying “eh?” And I hope you all ship them because I do.
3. Jack’s room. Fun fact! Jack shares a bathroom with Shitty. Also fun fact: Jack’s room definitely has a poster that says “Be Better”. Because Jack doesn’t even have a Type A personality. There aren’t letters for his personality type. You can guarantee Shitty took one look at the poster and rolled his eyes and said “Brah. Come on.”

I’m already drawing the next comic! I hope you like Jack making this face: 😡

I’m Doing Heroes Con!
If anyone is going to be in Charlotte, NC during June 20th-22nd, go to HeroesCon! It’s the only place to get CP! prints. (Until I finally decide to sell them online, of course!) Also look out for me at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Yay, conventions!

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And last but not least— Comics is hard work! If you’re not a broke college student like me and like CP!, I’d really appreciate it! (I always draw quick lil’ gift sketches in return!)


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