Comic 16 – Linemates
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Notes on Comic 16 – Linemates
– Yeah, again, if you ever have questions about CP! or just want to chat, send me an ask or strike up a conversation via Twitter. I’m very friendly! And have an endless capacity for conversation about Jack’s character arc. ._.!!!
What’s a line? A line is three forwards who are on the ice at the same time. When Coach Hall announced the starting lineup, he said the starting goalie (Johnson), the starting defensemen (Ransom and Holster) and then the starting forwards (some fucking rando, Jack, and Bitty).
Wait—is Shitty not a starter? Nope! Come on, he can’t be good at everything. Shitty’s a pretty decent player, but he’s a third line forward (meaning that he’s not worst on the team, but he and his line go out third, after the starters (Jack and his line + Ransom and Holster) and the second line.) If you remember Comic #12, Shitty and Bitty were actually on the same line with another player. (“Knight, Bittle, Wicks—your line.”)
Who are all those other people in panel 2? It takes a village to keep a college hockey team functional! Other than Lardo, the team manager, there are probably another half-dozen people who have different responsibilities to the team.
Coaches??? I’m so lost! NO IT’S OKAY. Coach Hall and Coach Murray are the head and assistant coaches for the Samwell Hockey team, respectively. (If you were like “who the fuck are these guys” they first appeared in Comic 3, and disappeared for a while as we focused on Jack’s angst, Bitty becoming an actual hockey player, and the heaps of unresolved sexual tension between a brooding Canadian hockey captain, and a sweet pie-baking southern belle.) Coaches are strange creatures: from my sports research, I’ve learned that head coaches tend to be a bit mor distant from players, while assistant coaches are usually the ones that, say, Bitty would talk to if he was worried about his performance at last game. This is usually why we see Jack talking to Coach Murray about Ask-A-Wellie shenanigans.
OMG THERE’S A BUNNY ON BITTY’S BED DOING HIS HOMEWORK. Bitty has a bunny and the most we get to see of it is in Comic #8. ;_; No one on the team knows about this, so let’s try to keep it that way???
Does Jack really hate Bitty or is he just like super tsundere. No, Jack legit thinks Bitty is a nuisance. He’s not Helga Pataki man, he ain’t have a Eric Bittle shrine in the basement of the Haus.
Why does Jack hate Bitty? Jack has daddy issues. (See Comic #12)
When is Jack going to kiss Bitty and when is Bitty going to get to touch Jack’s butt? Yes.

I’m going to be a HeroesCon! At the moment this is the only place you can get Check,Please! prints. ;_; sorry….But if you’re going to HeroesCon and want commissions, hit me up NOW!
(Next up? Anime Weekend Atlanta. ‘Swawesome.)

If you can! I usually draw thank you sketches. Thanks, y’all!


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