Comic 17 – Tadpoles

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Notes on Comic 17 – Tadpoles

NEW BABY HOCKEY PLAYERS!!! We take break from our regularly scheduled “when will Jack kiss Bitty and when will Bitty get to touch Jack’s butt” narrative, to present you with CHOWDER, NURSEY, and DEX THE BEST BABY HOCKEY PLAYERS OF THE SAMWELL CLASS OF 2018. Look at them! Tiny fresh-faced babs. Dex being awkward and uncomfortable with new things and unapologetically ginger. Chowder acting like he’s never been rink before and being that one kid who didn’t get his braces off in time for college. Nursey having 5 o’clock shadow like a 40 year old man. LITTLE TADPOLES.

What’s going to happen to Johnson, the Metaphysical Goalie? Is Chowder going to replace him? Chowder’s replacing the FUCK out of Johnson because Johnson’s ass needs to metaphysically graduate.

When do they get to play with the boys??? During Bitty’s next academic year. ;_; A long time I know. But hey you should look at the updated archive page so you can understand the Check,Please! timeline.

Ugh, that sucks! Well, how will they be like??? A lot like this:

all Chowder wants is for his dmen to stop fighting and for no pucks to be in his net

– Oh! I should definitely mention that I used the Buffalo State Ice Arena as a reference for Faber! Thanks!

– Apparently there are weird rules surrounding gift-giving in the NCAA, so I legiterally spent 2 hours trying to figure out if Bitty’s rampant Southern Hospitality was going to cause the Samwell Hockey team to get audited. But it ended up being fiiiine. ~(˘▾˘~) But just imagine Bitty bribing the Boys with food and making a Tadpole Goodie Bag Assembly Line in the Haus kitchen. And Jack walking in and thinking “how. why.”

Next Update Will be Soonish!

We will return to our regularly scheduled hockey drama next week when the boys enter…The Playoffs.


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