Does Johnson the Metaphysical Goalie have any words of advice for young tadpole Chowder?

heeeeey, Johnson here hahaha

advice for the tad? OH BRO. DO I

tho like i should totally say that i haven’t graduated yet lol. it’s like still March or somethin in my completely fictional reality. (well, not like your reality’s ne realer than mine tbh hahaha—when u think abt it. woooaaaaah!!!)

anyway, chow-chow. chowds.

 bro u gotta remember that ur gonna have good days in the net and bad days. the good days all the boys are gonna love u, and on the bad days…well, theyll still love u—(#1 rule of SamwellHockey: u always got ur bros back), but like, YOU’RE the one who s gonna feel frustrated & it totally sucks.

but bro lifes a fucking sine function describing the oscillations of our existence. pucks are gonna go in. just forget them. think of the puck like its a grain of sand. let it disappear into the waves of ur ocean if that makes sense.

the forwards have their line, the dmen have their partners, but you—-u bro, u got the poles and ur resilience.

being a goalie’s hard. so go with the flow. 🙂

so there you go New England Clams. just stuff to think about in the crease. 



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