Comic 18 – Playoffs – Part I

….Everyone just…prepare yourself for the playoffs…we’re all going to get through them and the Boys will be okay….but still…just yeah

★ Notes on Comic 18 – Playoffs Uno ★

Hey—Remember that night? When you were out with your entire team and closest friends? And you guys were celebrating a group achievement when that one show came on TV? And they started talking about you?? You know the show—the one that projected your deepest darkest fears with vicious accuracy out into the open for your peers to see and it left you paralyzed with shame and humiliation because even though you’ve gotten used to being brutally criticized and compared to your father for the last 23 years it still always hurts? And then the waiter dropped your burrito??? That night SUCKED FUCK THAT NIGHT.

✓ Well, can I have the email address of that horrid analyst? I have a few choice words for that jerk! ..N-no you can’t…He’s a picture. They’re all pictures. Jack’s a picture. (Johnson: wooaooooah!!!)

✓ UGH I thought this was a webcomic about baking and frIENDSHIP YOU LIED!! OK sorry for those who started reading this comic and expected minimal sadness and only the baking of miniature pies. BUT NOW YOU KNOW AND IT’S GONNA GET WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER. ._. Just a little worse though. (Don’t leave me. (In fact, bring others.))

Pataphoric: Who said “Someone turn that shit off?” Shitty. Shitty’s used to indignantly defending Jack. He’s been doing it since they were freshmen. It’s a knee-jerk reaction. (#1 Rule of Samwell Hockey?)

✓ OMG where are the boys eating??? I’m glad you asked Anonymous Reader Who Mysteriously Cares about the Exact Minutiae I’d Like to Discuss! Right near the Samwell River there’s a string of nice bars and restaurants that students frequent. Also in that string are a few shitty, dirt-cheap places that serve giant margaritas and don’t throw hockey players out for, say, getting completely wasted and eating endless amounts of burritos. Let’s call this particular establishment Jerry’s, and the Boys are such supportive denizens, the wait staff knows them by name. Also, they took Jack there for his birthday once and made him wear a sombrero.

WAIT. How can Jack play in the NCAA if he played in the QMJHL? You can’t do that! Because I, Ngozi Ukazu, am literally a big stupid idiot and didn’t know this is super illegal. But you know how everyone has coffee shop AUs for things? Check,Please! is a people-can-play-in-the-NCAA-after-doing-junior-hockey AU. And Bitty’s a barista.

*sigh* I’m, like, really upset that Jack has yet to kiss Bitty, and Bitty has yet to touch Jack’s butt. They were sitting right next to each other! You could’ve made it happen but you didn’t and I hate you.



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☆ Uh, let’s see what else. I dunno, it’s your duty to show your friends this comic and have them hate you for ever showing it to them. :/


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