Comic 19 – Playoffs – Part II

Hello, new followers!

Sorry you are now aware of stupid fictional hockey players. :/

But actually the comic’s been getting a LOT of followers lately! That’s awesome! Thank you everyone who’s been reccing and reblogging—I can’t thank you all enough. (You keep Check, Please! going!!)

★ Notes on Comic 19 – Playoffs Zwei ★


✓ WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT Find out next week! (Or in the next 8 or 9 days I’m trying okay. And after the next update, posts are going to get really irregular.)

✓ —wait are you going on hiatus? NO! I mean, not really—it was my goal to get 4 updates in for the month of July, but that’s because I’ve had a pretty low courseload school-wise. In a few weeks, I’ll have more work and CP! posts may go back to being biweekly…ish. :/ Sorry in advance

✓ ;~; :/

✓ Wait is that a Johnson cameo I see? “hheeEY it is!!! someone noticed me!! finally got some main comic air time lol. =-) btw I was there when Zimmermann & bitty were having that moment and when the rink got rly yellow and hazy, it was weird. It was like time stopped? well not like time ever progresses”



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Uh what else. Tell a friend about Check, Please!


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