State of Da Blog

Hey! Just posting to say that making the next comic is taking longer than I’d like. Apologies for leaving everyone hanging on a cliff for *looks at calendar* …an amount of time.

Trust me—you know that nagging feeling you get when you’re waiting for a comic to update? Multiply that by 1000—that’s how I feel. It’s pretty awful.

Re: Bitty’s twitter. After two more updates the comic will hopefully be caught up with Bitty’s twitter. That means all of the tweets will stop being so spoilery and more like commentary on the current storylines! Wahoo!

Ask a Wellies. I love doing them, but they take time! (And for many specific questions research!)

lol also quick thanks btw. Thank you so much for sharing the comic on your blogs/twitter accounts/facebook walls/xangas idek and talking about it with your friends! I didn’t have a huge following before I started Check,Please! and I haven’t taken out a single ad for it—but through recs and word of mouth people are reading the comic. So when I answer an ask and say “thanks for reading!” I really mean it.

you finished this text post. congratulations as a reward: at concerts Lardo makes Holster carry her on his shoulders because he’s the tallest and Shitty’s really not strong enough to do it for entire sets. Ransom and Jack talk about golf a lot and sometimes go out to the Samwell Golf Course for a few rounds and it’s nauseating. Bitty and Holster have nearly the exact same taste in music. Nearly the exact. Lardo and Jack ate lunch together on lake quad MWF when it was sunny (because Lardo and Jack definitely took an intro photography class together). Jack scored nearly two thirds of his points of the school year after he became linemates with Bitty.


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