Comic 22 – Goodbye for the Summer

;u; Bitty’s freshman year is over. And I’m telling you right now. His sophomore year is going to be ’SWAWESOME.

★ Comic 22 – Goodbye for the Summer ★

That pie-baking, check-phobic, doe-eyed southern child did it, somehow. He survived his freshman year at Samwell in pretty much one piece. He befriended the upperclassmen, scored a game-winning goal, made the starting lineup, came out to his teammates, started mothering the recruits, faced his greatest fear, and through sheer force of will got JACK ZIMMERMANN TO LIKE HIM. Now he’s slightly wiser and ready for his 2nd year on the Samwell Hockey team. Onwards to the sophomore year of Check,Please!

I AM IN LITERAL PAIN, Y’ALL. BITTY’S SOPHOMORE YEAR HAS SO MUCH STUFF AND I CAN’T SPOIL YOU ABOUT IT. ;~; Like, the pain is real. New characters. Frogs! NHL scouts??? Coaches!…Old friends? SENIOR YEAR! What’s gonna happen to Jack and Shitty? Is Jack going to play in the big leagues? CHECKING! Is Bitty ever going to get over his fear? …? ~Romance~ Blah blah blah kiss Bitty? Blah blah blah Jack’s butt? BLAH!!!!

✓ So Bitty lives across from Jack, now, eh? Does that mean if Bitty were to get—say—a bit tipsy at a Haus kegster and were to wander upstairs and were to make a wrong turn, he’d totally end up falling asleep in Jack’s bed? You just wrote a fiction, fan.

✓ They said goodbye but they didn’t even kiss hug! Or fist bump! Or deposit sportsmanly slaps on each other’s asses! ARE THEY EVEN FRIENDS? Originally, I wanted Jack to hug Bitty and while Bitty was in Jack’s embrace, he would slowly realize how strong and firm Jack’s arms were around his body, and then Jack would breathe in the sweet cinnamon scent from Bitty’s hair and feel the weight of Bitty’s head against his chest, and then suddenly Bitty would look up—into blue eyes—usually cold and hard, now warm and soft in the dusk sunlight—and Jack would look down into doe-eyes, aforementioned in the first bullet point of this blog post, and absentmindedly Jack would brush back those blonde bangs, lightly, and lean closer to Bitty’s face and whisper, “eat more protein.

✓ Eat more protein???? Jack has been saying this for months.

✓ Yes, more about the Haus now. YES. The Haus and Faber are endlessly fun to draw, and I live to improve so that I might do them justice. But lemme annotate a few panels to expound on the backgrounds for this episode!

…how did this blog post get so long. …I really like getting meta about this hockey comic :^U


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