GAH! I accidentally answered this privately:

– – –

Hey!! First off, thanks for reading!

Second off: good questions!! Nope, you’re totally right—Bitty never came out to Jack on screen. When I said ” came out to his teammates”, I meant when Bitty came out to Shitty, and then to Ransom and Holster. Perhaps it’s bad storytelling on my part, but I assumed Shitty, Holster, and Ransom would eventually, casually, just mention that Bitty wasn’t straight at times when it was relevant.

Also it’s Samwell. Everyone’s pretty much like “oh another gay guy, sweet, we’re catching up to the soccer team.”

I never wanted to do a momentous, tension-filled coming out scene with Jack, where Bitty flings back his heterosexual cloak and says, “Alas. I was gay all along! You sir—what are your sexual proclivities? Do I appeal?” And Jack blushes and stutters and flees Faber with his skates on, clutching tight to his bosom his awakened feelings for Bitty.

So to answer your question, Jack probably heard about it in passing and thought “oh that’s cool I wonder if there are chicken tenders in the dining hall today?”


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