Check, Please! Ask-a-Rama Vol. 1

OK I GOT A LOT OF QUESTIONS. I want to answer them all today but I also want to go to sleep before 4AM so I ONLY CHOSE A FEW HERE YOU GO beware of typos. Sorry I couldn’t get to all of them!

(Volume 1…Will there even be a Volume 2??)

acciosomething:What is Jack’s favourite flavour of pie?

Probably Maple Sugar Crusted Apple Pie but not like he’d admit that to anyone.

idiopathicsmile: Hey! Not quite a question, but I wrote a little ten-second theme song for Hockey Shit. You can stream it here: Thanks for making your comic, it is super enjoyable!


lieutenantjohnsmith:Yes hello I would like to order one deep voiced piano playing glasses wearing tall nerd named holster thank you *hands you a wad of cash*

I hope you like all of Jason Robert Brown’s Last Five Years and various TV show theme songs.

swim-with-our-clothes-on: If any of the boys of check please could be your boyfriend which one would you want to be your boyfriend?

Holster, by process of elimination, really. Jack is a horrible angsty mess who would not understand the phrase “uh, I don’t know how to skate”. PLUS, he’s so freaking emotionally shutoff—I’d be like, “can we talk about your inferiority complex?” and he’d say, “but what if instead we hockeyed?” No. Ransom parties too much, is kinda shallow, and a bit too uncomfortably bro-ey for me. No. Shitty—dear God—I don’t think I’ve made it clear how much Shitty loves to talk. Like, yammer. Like, in a slightly condescending, “bro, I’m informed, let me educate you on this” topic way. Ugh, no. Bitty is gay—also probably wouldn’t understand why I make comics. “Oh…you make a webcomic? That seems…interesting!”

I’m nothing like most of my chracters. Holster, on the other hand, I can watch 30 Rock with.

irretrievablynerdy: Yay asks! SOOO Bitty’s twitter mentioned Jack talking about Bridge Over the River Kwai and now I can’t stop picturing an Parks and Rec AU/crossover wherein Bitty is the Leslie Knope to Jack’s Ron Swanson. That wasn’t a question I guess. Thoughts? Also in one of the extras it looks like Nursey has a tattoo? Hope Tumblr stops being a butt soon!


Also, Nursey YES has a hella cool tattoo. Does Chowder ask if he can see it and then stare at it like it’s the coolest thing on earth? Does Dex pretend it’s not cool yet always sneak glances at it whenever Nursey’s in a tank or they’re in the locker room or when Nursey’s adjusting his cap and his sleeve rides up his bicep and Dex is transfixed for a second and a half at the intricacy of the design? No. None of these things happen.

I do not ship the Frogs.

kaloobia: When will Nursey and Dex have an explosive fight that ends with them kissing murderously up against the wall ?

With Chowder on the side breathing heavily and going, “I wish I were both of them.”

Never. I do not ship the Frogs.

cunttwatula: How would your characters react if they became self aware? Meaning they knew they were comic characters whose lives and actions were predetermined by their creator.


gayweab: asked What’s Jack’s dating history like? Or Bitty’s?

Jack: hockey
Bitty: pie

starryzari: What was the very first thing that Bitty baked? (By himself of course.)

An apple pie while Suzanne Bittle waited outside the kitchen, trying not to rush in to check on him, saying to herself “he has to do this by himself”.

theshadiertwin: Who makes the best grilled cheese #important

In the following order

notunwise: Hello! Goalies are my favourite. Will the new goalie have some lines and screen time?

No, I hate Chowder and he’s never going to be in the comic. Neither will his classmates, Dex and Nursey. And Chowder will never wonder why he feels this way for the two defensemen…his last line of defense…

I do not ship the Frogs.


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