Year 2, Comic 1 – Moved In

☆ FIRST OFF, if you haven’t already—check out ‘Swawesome Santa! It’s a omgcp fanstuffs exchange being run by the wonderful @northerndownpour and @mamaliza. There have already been 70 (????!) sign-ups? WHAT? Go forth and get the fic/art you’ve always dreamt of and contribute to this burgeoning fandom fan community collection of people who rather enjoy this webcomic!

☆ Do you need reference for your fic-exchange-fic??? CHECK OUT THE CHECK, PLEASE! WIKI. (I KNOW. ;~; I use it all the time actually t-b-completely-h) And if you have a question about anything omgcp, you can definitely shoot me an ask. Seriously. ._.

★ Notes on Year 2, Comic 1 -Moved-In

✓ The first comic of Bitty’s sophomore year! He’s all moved in to the Haus! He’s belting Queen Bey! He’s being adorable and fabulous! He’s splashing Jack with shower water as Jack stands, bed-headed, and so so confused as to why his sleep-disturbed rage is twinged with—what is that?—A FONDNESS for this Georgia-boy and his gay-ass haircut??? WHAT!???? I CAN’T WAIT TO DRAW MORE! You’re gonna laugh!!! You’re gonna cry!!!!!! You’re going to feel indignant on behalf of hockey players who don’t even exist! Your brain’s gonna GO NUTS.

✓ Update Schedule. Speaking of drawing more, as fun as it is updating WITHOUT WARNING and ON RANDOM DAYS, I’ll be updating from now on, every other week. So that means no main Check, Please! comic next Monday night, but expect one the week after that. I might even put dates on the Episodes page, but I’m not sure how brave I am. ;~; I’M TRYING.

✓ yo what the fuck is going on with that Post-It??? Which Post-It?


Ooooooooh that Post-It. It seems like it says something about Jack’s history seminar that he’s currently taking with Bitty, and then something about Bittle, and then I don’t speak French so I don’t know what that says. And something that says “bruws”? Jack is a very organized person and he makes lists on Post-It notes so he can remember his responsibilities.ETA: Wait it turns out that I actually know some French and those words didn’t appear from the ether holy shit.

✓ Wasn’t there supposed to be another blog post for the last comic, Dibs? Yes and I never wrote it because I’m trash.


☆ Questions about NHL and team name usage. HEY GUYS, I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU! The answer to which is essential to the storyline. SO you know how Jack’s going to graduate in May and play in the NHL? I was wondering if anyone knew the rules on using NHL teams in fiction. That is, how can I mention specific teams without getting sued? I’m fairly certain that I can use the National Hockey League in name, but I’m getting super unsure about using actual team names. (Also the seepage into RPF, which I’m going to try to avoid in clever ways.) Anyway, if you have any idea, just shoot me a message!

☆ MERCH. I’ve set up an empty Storenvy, so now all I need is time + some mailing supplies. I have a limited set of buttons and can print a reasonable set of sketch zines. (*****I plan on selling hard copies of Huddle but will not be putting a pdf online.*****) I’ll let everyone know when I open for…pre-orders? But that won’t be too soon.

Bitty’s twitter. Literally so much stuff happens on Bitty’s twitter every single week. Like that time Jack got interviewed by The Samwell Daily and the Boys read the article over the weekend.

Anyway the next comic is called Square-One and I too wonder how it’s going to turn out.


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