Year 2, Comic 2 – Square One

★ I now have a Storenvy!  Everything is leftover convention stuff—so rather limited—and I plan on shipping by the end of the month. Still working out kinks here and there, but ZINES (sold out!)! BUTTONS! HOORAH!


☆ BIRTHDAY CUDDLE FIC 2014. You guys gave me the best birthday presents ever. Thank you!!! You can find fic (1) at ao3, (2) cross-posted to omgfanplease, and (3) in the reblog notes from THIS post. Amazing!!!

★ Notes on Year 2, Comic 2 – Square One

✓ Well, that update bummed everyone out! Though this comic is filled with warm fuzzies and classy humor, it has a protagonist, and protagonists need to struggle. And since ours is a tiny defenseless big-eyed pie-baking angel-child, it’s difficult to watch him suffer. But shit happens! Remember that time Jack was a petty dingus? Or when Bitty got his shit rocked and launched into a time-slowing monologue? There’ll be CP! updates that will make you have “all of the feels 🙂 🙂 :)” and updates that will make you have “holy shit ALL of the feels take them away FUCK”.  I can guarantee that Bitty’s story is ultimately a happy one. SERIOUSLY. Like so fucking happy.

Fun fact: Holster also suggested that they use Bitty’s check-phobia to their advantage a year ago. Let it go, Holster.

✓ Why does assistant coach Murray always look worried about Bitty? Because he’s my favorite coach and maybe started out figure skating or something as a kid before playing mites or something idek (Sorry Head Coach Other Guy.)

✓ What’s that poster in Bitty’s Room? Some of the stuff in Bitty’s room used to belong to Johnson, but the poster of Beyoncé is definitely his. (The pucks on the door frame are 3 of the 4 pucks from Johnson’s shutout games.)

✓ Panel 10? Where is that place??? You mean the loading dock??? AKA THE PLACE WHERE HOCKEY PLAYERS GO TO CRY??? Every single member of the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team has had an angry (Shitty) or anxious (Jack) phone conversation with his dad there, or stressed out about a date/studying for a test there (Rans) or watched an hour of 30 Rock there (it’s quiet). But it’s first introduced in comic 10 and you can kinda see where it is in comic 9.

✓ Right, so, the next comic is going to be Jack stumbling upon Bitty back there and then sitting down next to him and then looking into Bitty’s giant dark brown eyes and feeling compelled to wipe his tears away, right??? And then they’ll touch— butts, I get where you’re going.

✓ Is Bitty’s Twitter caught up with the comic???? I HAVE TO KNOW. Uhhhh kinda? The problem is that the comic happens in “real time” and each episode is a scene lasting at most a few hours. Because of that, the comic moves down the Check,Please! timeline in bursts, whereas the Twitter is just a continuous stream. Extras are slice-of-lifey and can take place at any point in time unless specified.

Wow I made that diagram for no reason. BUT SOMETIMES Bitty will allude to events in the comic before they happen. For example:

But if you hate Twitter, there’s no reason to follow @omgcheckplease other than the fact it’s a vehicle to document Jack Zimmermann flirting with Eric Bittle.


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