Year 2, Comic 3 – Meet the Frogs

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★ Notes on Year 2, Comic 3 – Meet the Frogs

✓ FROGS??? WHO ARE THESE GUYS??? WHAT! Did you somehow not read Comic 17 – Tadpoles, wherein we were introduced to three plucky soon-to-be freshmen, Nursey, Dex, and The Sweet Baby Chowder? Did you not see this post and wonder “who are these dashing young fellows and why are their faces so squishable?” Or perhaps you follow the ancillary Twitter account of Eric Richard Bittle and found yourself pondering: “Bitty keeps talking about the ongoing feuds of a handy red-headed lad and Some-Boy-Who-Is-Probably-Too-Much-Of-A-Hipster-To-Be-Allowed-Near-Any-Sporting-Event—and a naive yet spunky goaltender from California—who are they?” WELL. THESE ARE THEY. And they are the Samwell Men’s Hockey Class of 2018.

✓ Ooooh I see where this is going Dex and Nursey hate each other now but they’re going to learn to understand each other and become the loving, understandable drift compatible friends every d-man pair at Samwell is destined to be. No Nursey will continue to annoy Dex until they graduate and probably definitely beyond. But if you want to imagine a story about a New York City boy going up to Maine for a week on a Lobster boat BY ALL MEANS that fanfiction is sitting unfinished on my hard drive.

✓ OH, what if Shitty went to visit Lardo over the break??? They’re both from Boston, right??? WHA—THEY WEREN’T EVEN IN THIS COMIC!

✓ Yes but anyway, every moment Bitty spends worrying about other people is a moment he could be scheming the touching of the butt of the Jack Zimmermann. True. But the two byproducts of Eric Bittle’s existence are pies and an endless desire to care for others. (Related?!) He can’t not care. (People > Butts)

✓ Does Chowder always think of himself wearing a hockey mask? What if I told you I understand Chowder as much as you do at this point.

✓ How can Chowder be so lanky yet still be a good goalie? His Lank is the source of his Power.

This comic took place at a number of locations on Samwell’s campus! Look at this map:

– Nursey and Bitty had their conversation on The Beach, which is how Wellies refer to the shore of The Pond, which is what Wellies call the big-ass lake on the west side of Campus. In the background??? There?? That’s the Arts building and also the student center. (Kotter) Many of the boys get coffee in the cafe on the first floor. Lardo has a key to the junior art studios on the second floor. (Jeez, Lardo has like a shit ton of keys to places on campus.)

– Dex and Bitty had their conversation somewhere…around….north campus in the computer science building. Sometimes Chowder and Dex will work on their intro programming homework while Bitty watches music videos keeps a watchful eye on the frogs to make sure they remain on task.

– And the dining hall??? That’s one of many on campus! Probably the dhall for one of the residential colleges on River Quad.

– So this blog post is spiraling out of control but would you like to hear about Samwell’s beloved quads???
Lake Quad is the quad you’re most likely to see plastered on all of Samwell’s viewbooks—it’s got The Pond, it’s got Founder’s Library, it’s got the goddamn well that students pee in/on all the time but tourists still touch. Lake Quad is the place to be and where most things happen including Spring Concert and Commencement.
River Quad (East Quad) is the tiniest quad and is the quad closest to the Haus. SO, often times when the boys don’t want to make the trek to LQ, they’ll wander down to RQ and watch the geese attack freshmen. Or whatever. This picture took place on River Quad, in my mind.
South Quad—imagine Jack walking down here to meet his thesis adviser. It’s a bunch of very nice houses that used to be owned by professors/university admin in the early 20th century—now they are classrooms and offices. And

★ Other Stuff★

✓ In case any one ever encounters artistic self-doubt, know that it’s common and something you can fight through. I think maybe 75% of being an artist is trekking through those moments of negativity. BECAUSE COMICS ARE FUN!

✓ Uuuuuh so I’ve been doing this thing where I’ll tweet AUs that I randomly think of? Here are some that I liked:

When they were skating, they didn’t have to talk. And in a way, the passing drill became a conversation. Almost an hour had passed before Eric realized he and Jack hadn’t said a word to each other.

Bitty could hear their whispering and decided to focus on that instead of the gun on the table. “Shits,” said the taller guy. “Where the hell did you find this kid? No one’s gonna believe he’s on a hockey team.” “Oooooooooh fuck so now we’re suddenly actually trying to look like a hockey team? OOooooh OK, I’m sorry, but did you not fucking hear me, Jack, when I said that this kid made 5 fucking pies in 2 fucking minutes? He’s magic; he’d be like—I dunno—like having 13 fucking meth cooking oompla loompas. Do you want to stand here and tell me you don’t want 13 fucking meth cooking oomplas loompas? My dear BRAH, we can Willy Wonka this operation TODAY. Let him in.”

Why do I feel like I’ll make any shot?
And his pass I always will find?
He’s different that boy…
Whether I like it or not
I need him on my line


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