Weekly Round-Up 12/1 – 12/5/2014


GREETINGS everyone! WOW, what a week we’ve had here at Swawesome Santa HQ! The fic and the art have been pouring in, and we’ve made this handy round-up post for your browsing convenience. Just a reminder about Power Play (PP!)— if a fan work inspires you to create something more, please go for it! Tag it “swawesome santa”! We’ll reblog it! Everyone wins! 

Enjoy all the gifts!


Hockeyed Up by notunwise for seas-of-ice-and-fire (Jack/Bitty; M; 14,336; PP!)

Gimme Something Good by musicismyboyfriend for icedkaner (Shitty/Lardo; T; 3,162; PP!)

The Importance of Being Chowder by archexile for brski (Jack/Bitty, Shitty/Lardo, Holster/Ransom; T; 4,623; PP!)

Going Stag by bisexualsteveistheonlysteve for katiegeeks (Jack/Bitty, Shitty/Lardo, Chowder/Nursey/Dex; unrated; 2,687; Chapter 1/2 WIP; PP!)

Not Only You & Me by lostlenore02 for bottleoffairies (Chowder/Nursey/Dex; unrated; 3,751; PP!)

This Haus is a Home by nervous-breakdown-hat for nicecoasters (Jack/Bitty, Shitty/Lardo; M; 3,728; PP!)

Christmas Isn’t Christmas (Without You) by stevebucky for perihelionic (Jack/Bitty, Holster/Ransom; Gen; 10,409; PP!)

Dancing Over the Ice by capfox for starthekidd (Jack/Bitty; Gen; 2,001; PP!)


Merry Christmas! by pippintully for lostlenore02 (Ransom & Holster; Gen; PP!)

freshmen by milesbarracuda for capfox (Dex & Chowder & Nursey; Gen)

Against the Boards by wyntera for beanstalkpro (Jack/Bitty; unrated; PP!)

Smooch by wyntera for everyone! (Jack/Bitty; unrated)

Swawesome Seasons Greatings by kelseyamadeus for shadowartblog (Dex/Chowder/Nursey; Gen; PP!)

Just in case you didn’t know, there’s a Check, Please! fanworks exchange going on. Right now. Like right-right now. And you should totally follow the blog and read the fic and look at all the art!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST WEEK. And THERE’S STILL MORE WORKS TO COME! That feeling flooding your brain right now? That’s happy neurotransmitters flying all around your synapses like ‘swawesome?!

Thank you again to northerndownpour and mamaliza for organizing this!


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