Weekly Round-Up, 12/8 – 12/12/2014


Week two is in the books! Thank you all so very much for your participation. If we missed your post somehow, let us know ASAP! 


under a sky we made by nonnonmodernist for i-was-a-festive-fangirl (Jack/Bitty, Shitty/Lardo, Ransom/Holster; Gen; 3,688; PP!)

Make It If We Can by lavishness for Nat (Jack/Bitty; E; 5,651; PP!)

You’ll Think of Me by jokedads for zjtimekeeper (Jack/Bitty, M, 5,035, PP!)

Side Effects May Include by Nat for princettemiles (Jack/Bitty; E; 4,379; PP!)

Anywhere You Are by northerndownpour for nonnonmodernist (Chowder/Dex/Nursey; E; 7,425; PP!)

Phone Call by a-bad-porno for jelligoat (Jack/Bitty; E; 1,576; PP!)

Laundry Day by chocchi for hannza-pie (Jack/Bitty; G; 2,027; PP!)

and oh i knew it right from the start by zenellyraen for everyone (Jack/Bitty; T; 2,276; PP!)

Winter Clothes by lilbookofkell for lactose-and-tolerance (Jack/Bitty, Chowder; Gen; 2,493; PP!)

You’ve Really Helped Me Out by seas-of-ice-and-fire for freakfangirlings (Jack/Bitty; T; 3,355; PP!)

Senses by rascalbot for lavishness (Jack/Bitty; M; 1,608; PP!)

I Won’t Budge (until you nudge) by thefriendlyboggart for stevebucky (Jack/Bitty; Unrated; 4,028; PP!)

When Lardo Met Shitty by victoriapyrrhi for kavinskysdick (Shitty/Lardo; T; 3,132; PP!)

A Very Shitty New Year’s by irretrievablynerdy for shay-something (Jack/Bitty, Shitty/Lardo; Gen; 4,307; PP!)

So Far, So Good by stqrtrek for a-bad-porno (Jack/Bitty, Shitty/Lardo; T; 1,649; WIP 1/?; PP!)


Group Photo Tiiiiiiime by cloudmonstachopper for drallimylime (All Haus Friendship; Gen; PP!)

The Angel and the Prince by artoph for applecrazy13 (Jack/Bitty; Gen; PP!)

hipsters w height differences by jelligoat for astrasia (Jack/Bitty; Gen)

Buttbump by sweet-arts for starryzari (Bitty, Jack, Lardo, Shitty, Holster, Ransom; Gen)

bro stop backseat windows movie making bro seriously by jamesthylaberiuskirk for gluegunshots (Holster, Ransom; Gen; PP!)

The Haus Doubles Championship by timekeeperart for jaunesarc (Ransom, Holster, Lardo; Gen; PP!)

We Are Magnets Pulling from Different Poles by dreamedofyou for iyedes (Jack/Bitty; Gen; PP!)



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