State of the Blog

Hey guys!

While I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of positivity and appreciation I’ve received while making this comic (can we get a what what for these incredible fanworks and the organizers of these incredible fanworks?) I’ve been a bit taken-aback with how the rapidly growing fandom has been interacting with my content. (This does NOT apply to fanworks. All fanworks are amazing! Creative engagement is my jam.) Specifically, I’ve become uncomfortable with the growing and frankly startling sense of entitlement that I’ve sensed towards the comic which I illustrate and own and the characters that I illustrate and own.

Remember that Check, Please! is not a studio production and the content you consume has a singular source. I wonder if I wouldn’t be so troubled if I had a co-creator or a creative team. While I’m thrilled at the level of investment some have shown, my only request is this: please do not cross the line between fan-appreciation and fan-appropriation. (Read: fan-ownership.) This is not Doctor Who, Supernatural, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter, etc. This is one person’s art.

ETA: By appropriation I mean ownership. (1) Do not demand updates. I do not work for anyone. (2) Do not try to set yourself up as an authority on my intellectual property. It isn’t really harmful as it is annoying. (3) Please consider how you use the #omgcheckplease since we all share it.

As the creator of a growing fandom which uses novel media to create a full narrative experience, I am in the process of learning how to balance daily interaction with the people who engage with my content—while maintaining a professional (and creatively healthy) distance.

Thanks guys! I hope to update soonish but not any time soon.



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