A – Bitty’s room
B – Bitty’s closet
C – Storage
D – The Samwell Men’s Hockey Reading Room (The Roof)
E – Jack’s room
F – Jack and Shitty’s bathroom
G – Shitty’s room
H – Stairs to the attic
I – Rans/Holster/Bitty’s bathroom
J – Stairs to 1st floor

Each of their rooms definitely has more stuff (like chairs! random clothes!—I may do a more detailed diagram of both floors). I drew this before I had the design of Bitty’s room finalized, so you can see that he actually sleeps with his pillows on the other side of his bed so Señor Bunny can make cameos on hisvlog.

You can see that Comic 1.22 – Goodbye for the Summer took place in the hallway. (See the convenient Canadian flag from the “eat more protein” panel?)

In Comic 2.1 – Moved In, it seems as though Bitty is taking a shower in Jack and Shitty’s bathroom—which would probably give extra explanation to Jack’s annoyance. That’s actually a mistake? I totally forgot that the shower in Bitty, Ransom, and Holster’s bathroom doesn’t have a curtain—but you know, maybe now that mistake is just canon.

Anytime Bitty tweets about Shitty being on the roof, he’s referring to the unofficial Samwell Men’s Hockey Reading Room—which is basically a lawn chair on the roof over the porch. Which you first see alllllll the way back in Comic 1.4 – The Haus and then again in Comic 1.22 – Goodbye for the Summer.

Shitty and Jack’s rooms are connected which is an important part of their friendship.


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